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The offer includes an individual or stock project and its implementation for single-family homes, as well as other buildings in the wooden technology.With a stock single-family home project chosen from our catalogue, we offer:

With an individual project:

The choice of material:
We offer Siberian wood: cedar, larch and pine, the choice is yours.
We also offer log houses:

On the basis of our experience, we highly recommended dry logs, especially the glued logs since they are durable and are not pliant to any alteration.

Cedar wood is an excellent building material for both exteriors and interiors.
It has natural resistance to moisture (water-resistant – cedar is used, among others, for the construction of yachts.) It is very solid and imperishable for all kinds of damage, and above all, it is simply ecological and beautiful.

Using this type of wood for building the house can protect the construction from invasion of insects without the use of hazardous chemicals. 

In addition to aesthetic values, cedar also has a distinct flavor that will last for years.
The natural aroma of cedar introduces a breath of freshness to the house but at the same time,  the scent is not too intense.

Cedar does not appear to be more expensive than the other timber, but the benefits are much greater. Especially, when the wood resistance to insects and its aesthetics are taken into account. There is no need to paint or stain it, it is naturally beautiful and does not require special treatment, wax and natural oils, e.g. linseed oil are used to prevent blemishes.

Designer – M. Sc. Arch. Marta Walisiak, tel: +48 723-95-33-73
Sales Manager – MA Maria Gryz, tel: +48 502-20-38-31

Examples of modern wooden houses:

Woodhouse_1 Woodhouse_2 Woodhouse_3 Woodhouse_21 Woodhouse_22