Offer of Marta Walisiak architect


Why is it worth hiring an architect? Why should we have the architect develop an individual project, not a project ready to buy? These questions are asked by many people planning to build their own home, office or other building.
It should be remembered that the conventional solutions of typical projects cannot use all the advantages of the plot as well as meet our needs because often poorly chosen may generate additional costs because of the necessity for their adaptation and change. Sometimes, they are poorly orientated with respect to the directions and their functionality does not meet our habits but collides with them.
Individual project meets all of the needs and allows for the proper use of spatial solutions possible in the area. What’s more, the individual project gives the possibility to create something unique and individual even on low potential area. Please note that only the individual project will use 100% of the location’s  potential.

The advantages:


We do building projects needed to obtain a building permit, as well as ordered by the Investor working plans and specifications which are more detailed descriptions of solutions contained in the building project. We also provide project architect’s supervision of buildings such as:
single-family houses, urban villas, apartment buildings, service buildings (e.g. schools, kindergartens, restaurants, hotels) retail, office and production halls and buildings for the agricultural industry. 


We offer comprehensive services in the field of raising the funds from the European Union along with the preparing the building project of the construction for which the investor wants to raise the funds.

Company’s offer includes:

We do building projects and  working plans for residential and commercial interiors.
You can order single-family building project with the interior design.


Today, in the era of free competition, creating a profit- making and unique product is much more difficult. Often, even at first glance, unconventional solutions turn out not to be convincing to the customers. You have to create something more to interest them. Is it possible to create something more than individualism? Our answer is yes! Besides the individualism, we try to create the added value, which makes  the customers attach to the brand. We achieve the effect of 1 + 1 = 3. What’s more, we do not try to obtain these values basing only on the dreams but by the means of methods and tools from design and marketing.



We do the design projects, ranging  from the individual projects of furniture or ceramics to products from many industries intended for launching into mass production.

When designing a product or commercial buildings we develop innovative business strategy based on specialized methods in design: innovation management, the study of market trends, creating the image and identity of the product, product research and analysis, as well as the coordination and synchronization of the product’s image and commercial buildings in design.