The “Play Garden” was awarded on 11 February, 2013 by the Minister of Sport and Tourism – Joanna Mucha. We took the third place in the competition for developing  the concept of architectural  landscape of recreation and sports centers. Designer team: M. Sc. arch. Marta Walisiak, MSc. Michael Rucinski, M. Sc. Richard Poplawski

The aim of the competition was to create new centers that will promote physical activity for every age group, will be also an opportunity to develop new relationships in the society and build tolerance between generations. The recreation and  sports complex is a combination of modern equipment for sports with friendly urban and architectural spaces. Ultimately, they can be built in many cities and districts across Poland. The values that we suggest in terms of architecture and its implementation is the simplicity of construction and the modularity of buildings while maintaining the unique needs of the city, village or district. Since these are the local authorities who can choose a functional plan and size of the complex of buildings, we offer only modular solutions, but the numerous possibilities of reordering modules will result in the personalized and unlimited number of unique groups of buildings.

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12 February,  2012. During the exhibition titled ‘Architects, passion, work’ held in Water Tower in Kalisz we showed our works and projects.

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11 June, 2010. We presented our works and projects at the exhibition titled “Young designers” held in Business Incubator in Kalisz.