About Us - Marta Walisiak architect

Karma project. We have deliberately chosen this name. We believe that as the cycle repeated in ecology, so the passion of creating architecture describes its circle. In creating the architecture we are thinking not only about the comfort (our physicality) but at the same time we care about the friendly atmosphere for its users and creators.
In design, we try to create these added values which cannot be measured.
The feeling of integration and enjoyable atmosphere we achieve through space, proportions, shape and material, but also by the commitment because everything in nature should have its place.

For us, modernity can also mean warmth and comfort in an ecological sense.
We always try to convert our passion into the added value and thanks to it our customers receive a complete project, corresponding to their lifestyle and aesthetic tastes.
We believe that the ecology does not always have to be associated with the hut and good architecture does not always have to be the most expensive solution. The real art of design is to understand the customers and their reflection in the space that we design for them.